Being in a relationship takes more than just a commitment to each other, it also means that you have to be willing to work through issues that might arise over the course of time. If you need couple counseling NYC then you should not hesitate in finding a skilled therapist capable of helping the two of you overcome the obstacles that have brought you to therapy in the first place.

One of the things that you both need to recognize is that the marriage or couples counselor is not there to fix either nor both of you. Rather, it is his or her job to facilitate discussion between you and your partner in a way that will offer you peaceful resolution to the conflict rather than the current way things are.

While either party can attend individual therapy sessions in order improve communication, self-esteem and other areas, couples therapy focusing on the relationship between the two parties. Though individual counseling can play an important part in helping a couple to grow stronger, it is not a substitution for couple counseling NYC experts helping the two of you together.

A couples therapist has been trained to work with both sides of the relationship, hearing their individual needs as well as what they are willing to give to the relationship. She can tune in to the emotions and experiences that each are conveying and help them find a path to travel together. However, for this to work, both parties must be willing to commit to the therapy. If your partner is not willing to attend at least a few sessions, you should stick with individual sessions and hold off on scheduling a marriage counseling appointment.

If you and your partner want to find your way back to each other, marriage counseling NYC can help light the way!

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