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Flag football is a type of American football, and the basic rules for both are similar. However, the main difference is that instead of tackling a player to the ground, a defensive player must remove the flag belt or flag from the offensive player carrying the football.

With that in mind, there are some common flag football rules that are written in the USFFA (The United States Flag Football Association) rule book.

The Game, Equipment, Players, And Field

The game must always be played by two teams consisting of eight players each. The game must be played with an official football on a rectangular field.

The goal lines for each team must be at opposite ends of the field, and both teams must have the chance to move the ball forward past the opponent’s goal line by passing, kicking or running.

Points must be awarded based on the rules unless a game is forfeited. If not forfeited, the team that has the bigger score is the winner of the game.

Game Definitions

A dead ball is a period between downs when it is not actively in play, while a live ball is a ball that is in play during the time down is currently in progress.

A loose ball is a ball that is not in any player’s possession. This is also referred to as a pass, fumble or kick.

Blocking a player is legally obstructing a player on the other team. The blocker’s body must come into contact with their opponent. However, blocking is allowed when only the opponent’s body between the waist and shoulders are contacted.

The Start Of The Period

Each period begins with a kickoff. Three minutes before the game begins, a coin toss is done by the Referee. This coin toss occurs in the presence of the Field captains for each team. Each captain makes a call on the coin before it hits the ground.

The captain that wins the toss can choose to kick the ball, receive the ball or decide the goal the team will defend.

Flag football is a fun activity that has its roots in American Football (NFL). It is important for each to a league to ensure players understand the rules of the game before play begins.

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