Online marketing trends in 2018

2018 online marketing trends.


Is SEO dead? Not according to a 2016 article on search engine land, that states “Forecast says SEO-related spending will be worth $80 billion by 2020.”

So what are some pointers then? What are the trends for 2018? Our guess is this: create great content, spread that around, and gain some links. An expert at linkbuilding and seo is


Higher costs per click, and a more thourough understanding of conversionfunnels. Need to know more? Check out

Content Marketing

Long-form content, videocontent and the whole 9 yards. Check out

Here’s a trailer of what they can do:

Social Media

Linkedin as a contentplatform. While the world has been in awe of Instagram’s growth, Linkedin has made a great deal of a comeback. Back in the days, people used to only use linkedin to chat with people you’d know well, but who worked at other companies. Nowadays, it’s full of people using it daily, and striking up new conversations left and right.

E-mail marketing

The money is in the list. And that’s a true statement in most cases. If you don’t have an e-mail list already, why not start one? Why not figure out what people are looking for, and give them a taste of it, a pre-view, a free version of that paid version? It might take some time, but if you couple that e-mail list with creating events, and pinging people who are interested, well, then that’s some extra free eyeballs with some great interests. Who says you’d have to pay every time you get some visitors?

Relevant content

In a world where millions of blogposts are published every single day, how does one stand out? One part of that answer is relevant content. Not just an answer to a query, but an answer coming from understanding of their needs, and from an understanding of how minds work by default.

Chatting with companies

Either on whatsapp, or on their websites, companies are increasingly accessible. This is not the case for every company, but since large companies like KLM have been doing it, smaller companies seem to be following suit.

That’s all folks! If you have any questions, feel free to write them down and search for any answers, like our article about online marketing tips. Or, just keep browsing this website!