It is time to invest in a new computer. Your old dinosaur of a desktop has run its course. It is starting to run slow, you don’t have enough memory, you have had it repaired too many times. With the cost of desktops and laptops coming down quite a bit over the last few years, it may not be worth the expense of sending it out to be fixed. The technical experts who can fix your computer are charging quite a bit to even look at the computer. So it is decision time.

Once you make the decision to get a new computer, the choices are vast. Everyone has a computer today, everyone needs a computer today. However, it is up to you to decide exactly what you need your computer to do. If you have to do a lot of artwork and graphics on your computer, you may look at a different computer than someone who needs to write copy all day. Different computers do different things. If you look up computers on the website you will get more than one million hits. Well, that narrows it down, doesn’t it?

Do your research. It may take a little bit of time. You don’t want to be buying computers every other year. The computers today have the capabilities to add memory as needed, making a slow computer faster, making your computer able to handle more data. If you travel a lot or are someone who is not in the office for most of the day, obviously a laptop would be a better choice. You should also consider what kind of internet network you will be accessing. If you are planning on using wireless internet, then consider the portability of a laptop that would be able to pick up internet anywhere, such as Starbucks or Barnes & Nobel. The laptops today are no longer just extensions of desktops, they are computers within themselves. Students all over the country cannot survive college without their laptops. Maybe you do need a desktop as a primary workstation. Maybe you need both. Fortunately, they are out there, and the computer companies are just waiting for your business.