An in Depth Look at

Website testing and the opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side can be quite the pull for many people, especially if you’re a new mom, student coming back home for the summer and so on. Today, we are going to go over an in depth look and review of

What Is is a website whereas people can set up tests in regards of payout and persons like you and I can go create an account on and be given “tasks” to complete, which will earn us a little extra spending money. So basically, is a place where you go and test other websites for business owners for a small payout.

How Does the Site Work? works in a very simple format, actually through three specific steps in regards of setting up a test and below in list format, we are going to go over each of those three steps.

  • Setting Up Your Test: This is the first and initial step and during this process, you will go through a set of questions, as well options to create your test. You will be filling out the title of your test, what type of asset will you want to test, defining the errands/goals, how many participants you will want to have in this test, the test length, and the option to choose post-task investigation requests.
  • Inviting the Participants: This will be the second step of setting up your test and this will simply include inviting all the participants you want to have participate in your test. For example, in step one, you may have only chosen four participants; well in the second step, you need to make sure that you can actually pull four, real life people whom have availability to a computer that would be willing to take the testing evaluation. You will also have the option as to how you would like to invite each participant; such as through social media emailing, third party panel and such elements.
  • Receiving the Results: This is the last step and really, this steps doesn’t require much work on your part, other than analyzing and deciphering through all the results. Another key factor to keep in mind is that you will then need to figure out if what the participants said is worth changing, how you are going to change the website arrangement and so on. Keep in mind that you will also be able to see which tests are in progress, if there have been any paused tests, as well all the completed testing.

How Much Does Pay A Tester? will pay a website tester $10.00 per test, but there have been times whereas this site has informed the public that there are special instances where some of the website tests could pay more, but 99.9% of the time, expect to be paid $10.00 per test. A website marketing tester will also be paid via PayPal and the amount you have earned will be directed right into your bank account as soon as the requestor approves your payment.


Is a Horrid Scam?

A lot of people may want to know if this type of website testing is a scam site and honestly, the answer is no, which I realize that just by stating a simple no, isn’t good enough for most people. But this site doesn’t require you to give your social security number or bank account numbers. The payment is awarded throughout PayPal and for those whom don’t know what PayPal is…PayPal is an American company which operates a universal program of an online imbursement system. They fund online money transfers, as well aids as an electronic substitute in regards of supporting traditional imbursement methods. A great key feature to keep in mind is that PayPal is completely secure and doesn’t release out your confidential, banking information.